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Life is a great story.   Record your legacy.


Your life story printed!
WriteMyLife prints YOUR story for the generations. Recording your family legacy and connecting your ancestors.

Imagine being able to take off your bookshelf your great, great grandparent's own personal life story anthology, written in their own words, to read at any time, for yourself, to your kids or grandkids...
We can preserve and tell any kind of story, life story, your love story, your ancestors' stories, family recipes, artworks, family genealogy, the sky's the limit, whatever is precious to you that you want to keep or pass down in print!

With our packages you can write about your life, someone else's life, write with another about your shared lives, or gift someone a writing experience like no other. Each package includes one hardcover, tailor made keepsake WriteMyLife book, delivered!

Keep scrolling down to read about our selection of packages below, how the process works and get started on your trip down memory lane!

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Choose your package, write your life and receive your keepsake book!
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How to WriteMyLife

Record your legacy and preserve precious memories for generations to come.
Easy as 1 2 3...


Select a WriteMyLife Package


Browse our packages and choose one suited to your intended story to start receiving your WriteMyLife prompted writing questionnaires. We have a range of options from a "Ready To Print" option to an all inclusive "Signature Package", with more package options coming soon. Questionnaires can be delivered to your email inbox or letterbox. You can write for a few weeks, a few months, or at your own pace. Once you've purchased your package you will be sent your profile to complete to help us tailor your questionnaires for your ideal trip down memory lane.
All packages are fully customisable.
This is YOUR life, in YOUR words.


Start Your WriteMyLife Trip Down Memory Lane

You will then receive your welcome letter/email and first guided writing questionnaire! Simply let your memory take you back and write in as much detail as you please. Each questionnaire you receive prompts your memories to spark your story telling journey. Your questions can be edited to be as specific to your tale as you like. Or replaced with your own question, if you're just not inspired by the original. Then send it back to us and let us take care of the the rest. We compile, edit, proof and publish your life story from your words.
You will receive a digital proof of your life story before printing.

WriteMyLife gives a whole new meaning to the phrase, "life is about the  journey, not the destination."



Your Life in Print


After you have completed your life story and returned all your chapters and pictures you want immortalised in print, we will begin publishing your personal WriteMyLife book. We will email you a final proof of your elegant and timeless book design to approve before printing.

We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, if you have any special requests you want included just let us know.

You, or the person you have gifted a writing experience, will then receive a beautifully bound, hardcover, completely tailor made, life story anthology in the mail! We are confident you’ll love your final product. And so will your entire family for many decades to come.

With WriteMyLife, you can trust that your "life" is in caring hands.


Michelle S, VIC

"I was worried my young daughters would never get to really know their grandparents."
“These past years have made the distance between my parents in the UK and our family here seem as far as the moon. I was worried my young daughters would never get to really know their grandparents. We gifted my folks a WriteMyLife writing package and ordered additional copies of their book for each of our girls to read, keep and eventually pass down. (They particularly loved reading about nanny at Princess Catherine's wedding celebrations.) Our
WriteMyLife experience has been irreplacable!"

Callum O, QLD

"I intend on doing multiple books, for different branches of the family"

"I'm a genealogy nut. I came across WriteMyLife while researching and was so thrilled at the prospect of professionally preserving some of my family documents and research into book format! I intend on doing multiple books, for different branches of the family and a 'Grandma's Recipes' book too. The family are all getting copies for Xmas... shopping sorted!
Thank you WriteMyLife!"

Natasha T, WA

"Now her grandsons will have an insight into their roots they can share with their children one day."
"My mother inlaw's dementia struggles are increasing, and the fact that she is in a care home on the other side of the world has made it tough on the family.
My husband has found it a comfort to write, and even learn new things, about the amazing woman she is and the incredible life she's lead. Now her grandsons will have an insight into their roots and their amazing babushka that they can share with their children one day.
I only wish we had found WriteMyLife a little sooner, so she could've written her story in her own words."

Isaac J, NT

"Simply priceless!"

"My sister in law was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 months ago, and given little more precious time here with with us.  She immediately started writing letters to her twins for them to read in the future.
I came across, and shared with her, WriteMyLife and now Jenny is currently compiling her letters, and other life stories into books for her kids to remember her by and cherish forever.
Simply priceless."

Jane I, NSW

"She felt like a real author, her dream job."
My daughter loves writing and has many stories and poems from Kindergarten right up to now. We found the WriteMyLife website and together we collected all her pieces and WriteMyLife made them into a treasury of her own stories. I could even add the illustrations she'd drawn to go with them and photos of her at the time of writing. (How she's grown!) She was so excited to get her book in the mail! She felt like a real author, her dream job. We are ordering more copies for Nan and Pop and she wants to do a 'Volume 2'!"

Our Story

A passion project.

Storytelling is as ancient as humankind, in every culture and from every age, it's used to hand down cultural traditions and values. How sad to think in this digital age one's family history may never be passed down, may never be told, shared and therefore may be forgotten in time.
WriteMyLife, we’re passionate about storytelling, particularly those that include historical family ties, stemming from an interest in family history and genealogy. We wanted to provide a way for families to connect, or even re-connect, bond and remember, for as many generations back in their families and for as many generations into the future as they possibly can or want to.

We would be honoured to help you write your life.



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