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*GIFT* WriteMyLife - Signature Package

*GIFT* WriteMyLife - Signature Package

WriteMyLife - Signature Package starts at $130 (digital).
Includes their guided writing expierience, publication and ONE hardcover personalised book, delivered.
The Signature Package covers life's major milestones, with a six part guided, fully customisable, questionnaire, writing prompts, editing, proofing, publication, printing and one hardcover personalised keepsake book, delivered!

  • WriteMyLife - Signature Package is our basic, all encompassing, trip down memory lane, guided writing experience. Writing prompt questions can be delivered to your/their email inbox or letterbox. Includes one personalised WriteMyLife hardcover book delivered at the end of publishing.

    Package includes six basic life story questionnaires covering birth, childhood, graduation, marriage, career, family, hobbies and more. Customisable writing prompt questions delivered straight to your/their inbox weekly (6 weeks), or in an Author's Kit delivered to your/their letterbox, to get them inspired and the memories flowing and help them immortalise their life story. 
    After we receive their life story chapters WriteMyLife will compile, proof and publish their very own personalised keepsake life storybook.

    Standard book included in package - one 19x24cm portrait, hardcover, 170gsm silk pages, perfect bound, upto 69 pages.
    Want to write in more depth and detail? No problem… Books can accomodate upto 120 pages. (We will contact you with a customised quote for your additional pages, to approve. Charged after publishing, prior to print.)

    Want to order more books? Go to our Shop to add additional copies to your package order.
    Additional copies:
    2-3 extra books @ $48 each
    4-8 extra books @ $40 each
    9+ extra books @ $36 each

    *We recommend ordering more books after you receive your first edition. That way you can make updates and edits, if you'd like to, before purchasing additional copies.

    Get them started on their trip down memory lane today!

PriceFrom $130.00
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